How to Get Your Bruin Crossbow Ready: Early season prep by Ben Van Devender

Hunting season is right around the corner, in fact it's already starting in many parts of the country! Today, we want take a few minutes of your time and share this wonderful video segment that our friend / Bruin Outdoors fan, Ben Van Devender put together featuring his favorite crossbow. During this video you will see a quick review of how Ben likes to prepare his Ambush 410 for the upcoming season. Happy Hunting folks! 🍂



While we are taking a moment to feature Ben, I wanted to share with you a couple of our favorite shots of him & his Bruin crossbows from last year.


Check out this amazing shot in the woods.


Then there's this sweet Daddy / Daughter hunt. 😭


Bruin crossbows are great for kids and the ladies too (we even released this cool new Muddy Girl camo for the lady hunters out there). If you love your Bruin crossbow as much as Ben and his family does please share your pics and videos with us this season. We love to see our Bruin bows in action 😍.


That's all for today my friends! I hope you enjoyed this segment.


  • beeps

    how can I order a new bolt retention spring for a ambush 370

  • koua yang

    why it’s too hard to find the parts for bruin ambush 410????

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