Late Summer Bassin'

We have reached a point in many parts of the country where bass fishing has become downright TOUGH! But, be of good cheer, there is hope coming with fall just around the corner. Until then, here are some tips for catching a few late summer bass.

One Extreme or the Other

Late summer is really a tale of two extremes. The first pair being extremely deep or extremely shallow. As water temps have reached their peak and the bass are just as worn out as the anglers themselves, they’ve settled into a frustration, waiting on fall to arrive. The coolest environment for a bass to settle into is either deep in shallow cover that provides abundant shade, or out in deeper water where cooler temperatures and bait are readily available.

How we target these fish, whether we decide to go shallow or deep, also presents two extremes—extremely fast or extremely slow. You’re forced to either cause a pure reaction strike or truly finesse them with an easy, enticing meal.

As we wait for cooler temperatures, don’t let a tough day of fishing leave you frustrated. Burn a crankbait, drag a shaky head, target shade, find a deep drop, and most of all enjoy your time on the water!
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