NEW Bruin ELS Features with Paul Elias

The wait is over! The new Bruin ELS is here (available for purchase exclusively at Sportsman's Outfitters). We are so excited to bring these to you. These reels have taken us about 2 years to get them ready. We didn't want to cut any corners 😉, so we spent extra time searching and scoping out all of the things that MAKE THE BEST REEL. With help from MLF pro, Paul Elias, we believe we have just that ~ the best reel! Our staff here at Bruin Outdoors along with Paul Elias guarantees this ELS will out throw any other reel you have. Check out some of the amazing features in the video below ⬇.


  • Gerry Printz

    Will you be coming out with left handed versions of these reels? Thank you.

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