Bruin ambush 410

Nice crossbow! Well worth the money so far so good! Bolts are cheap but that is expected.. Fore arm handle is weak too but those are the only things I have to complain about... Very fast and well built bow! Scope is even decent.. Cocking rope fits bow nice. I can not wait to finish sighting it in and take it
hunting! This is throwing bolts right through my 3D target!!
Great crossbow

This is a great crossbow on par with my Barnett fx raptor easy instructions, easy assembly..... and man is it fast!
high quality, but budget friendly

great quality! very accurate bow. the quiver, scope and forward assist are a little on the cheap side. Scope does great out to 50, then the lines seem a little off for the speed out to 80. with a good scope it would shot 100 easily. Very impressed with the bow.
Excellent crossbow at a great price!

I purchased 3 of these crossbows one for each of my son's and one for myself. I could not be more impressed. These bows are super fast, super accurate, extremely quiet and very well constucted. I'm amazed they are selling for such a low price. I would highly recommend.
WOW is all I can say

This crossbow is very well made it is very powerful.I have owned several crossbows that were far more expensive and I have to say this blows them all away.
New playtoy

I bought it for my son for Christmas but I just put it together for a test drive like a proper father should do lol. And I may just keep it for myself hehehe.
Love it

I purchased ambush370 loved it so much my husband purchased the ambush410.
quietest out of four (3 brands)

bought four crossbows last month two bear one carbon x the ambush was the fastest and quietest.

This is a great buy, it is super fast, with that being said make sure you get a target built for 370 FPS +. I had a block & the bolts buried to the vanes, even at 60yds, bought a Morrell Double Duty it works much better. With Excalibur pile drivers I’ve been getting 1” group from 20-40 yds & 2-3” @ 60yds. I’m excited to hunt with it this season.
Excellent Crossbow

Can not really say anything negative about this crossbow. Bolts and scope are average but that's to be expected. Quality, fit , and finish are very gd. Bow is fast, quiet, and trigger is decent. Shooting about 370 fps with a true hunting weight arrow about 425 grains total which is plenty fast. For the features don't think you will find a better deal anywhere. Might be my all time favorite crossbow I've owned so far and I have owned several, only time will tell how she holds up. 50 shots, so far so gd.
Super quiet,smooth.accurate.fast...

Great crossbow.super quiet and smooth.i am impressed.very accurate and fast.my brother and buddy ordered one each . My brother put his quad 400 in closet.(no kidding).still can’t believe $. I have used other crossbows,this is the best that I have shot.....I would recommend if anyone was looking for crossbow you should try the Bruin 370 .as I said “I was impressed”.

I’ve only owned this about 5 days now and I’ve shot it everyday and love it the first day I went thru 3 targets before I found one that would even stop the bolts but that’s a good problem to have and the scope well it’s not the best but it gets the job done but this package is well worth the money

I took a gamble on this crossbow. Hadn't heard of the brand before and there where only a handful of reviews. This thing is a beast. For the price point it can not be beat. Very comfortable and so very quiet

For the price, you won't find a more bang for your buck crossbow. At 75 yards with black eagle executioner bolts(also harass) Consistent 3 inch groups all day long Enough said. Also did I mention its real quiet as well ;)
Bruin ambush 370 crossbow

Incredible value for the money! Very well made. Shoots very straight as any crossbow I've shot that costs 4x's as much! Scope could be upgraded to drop compensation style but fine for the money.

Wow this thing hits hard, accurate, as with all of the package deals "even those much higher priced" than this one I didn't have much hope for the scope or included bolts, that being said I was pleasantly surprised with both, neither are branded, but the scope is nice and clear has pretty good eye relief though it's not illuminated it works well, the bolts seem to just fit this bow like a glove, I bought Black Eagles to go with this bow but found that the included bolts just worked better, now thats ABSOLUTELY no knock against Black Eagles they are VERY GOOD Bolts, but the included ones seem to work with this bow exactly as they should, I would positively recommend this bow to anyone who wants to get in the woods and hunt but are on a tight budget....
Don't waste your money buying anything else!

I was looking for a crossbow to replace my quad 400. Something smaller and more light weight. So I started my search and came across the Ambush 345. It fit the criteria for what I was looking for, and with a price tag much lower than the competition. Assembly was very easy, it's extremely quiet, and blazing fast! I own several crossbows, but this one is my new favorite. It has all of the features of the so called high end crossbows, without the high end price tag, so why waste your money? Plus it looks awesome! I would definitely recommend this crossbow.
Best Bang for the Buck!

Awesome for the money Accurate Well made good shooter! Zero took 8 Shots Already took its first deer at 20 yards. Fully intend to buy another for my Grandson. Has more features than other for more money, Cant say enough good about it. Buy it You wont be sorry!
Awesome X Bow

This Bow has all the power ans speed you need for hunting
its super quiet and very deadly I love it and feel its a GREAT Value....Thank you
Bruins Ambush 345 Crossbow

Very powerful, compact crossbow with small width draw, good for tight spaces while hunting. Love the adjustable stock.
Very Pleasantly Surprised

This is my first crossbow, I have been an archery hunter for over 25 years, but due to multiple work related neck and back injuries, I am now unable to bull a bow with enough weight to ethically hunt with. I spent a few months online researching crossbows, I was unable to find much about this specific crossbow, but it has a bunch of features that I really like that are usually only found on more expensive crossbows. I was immediately impressed when I opened the box and it was pre-strung. That saved a huge headache.I was also impressed with the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. The features that sold me on this crossbow are the string stoppers, an actual scope instead of a cheap red dot, the AR style replaceable grip, and the easily adjustable (and comfortable) stock. I was able to get it assembled in about 30 minutes (taking my time and following the directions), waxed up the
string, lubed the rails, and was ready to go. My first shot at 20 yards was dead on elevation wise, and about 6" right of the bullseye. after a few more scope adjustments and sight in shots I was dead on. I learned the hard way how accurate this bow is, as I already ruined a bolt by hitting it with another bolt. This thing hits like a hammer!! I'm, ready for deer season now, I can almost taste the fresh venison. I initially bought this as a "starter" crossbow, but I like it so much I'm planning on using it as my "go-to" crossbow for the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend this crossbow to anyone looking for a well made, feature packed crossbow at an amazing price. I'm sure glad I bought mine!!!
Bruin 265 recurve crossbow

Great crossbow . Fast and accurate. I highly recommend it .Has metal shaft and site system and really cool multirectical scope . Really impressed with the quality of this cheap crossbow . Don't like the plastic inserts in the aluminum arrows that came with it but I used the 20 inch carbon arrows I already had and they shot great. I highly recommend this crossbow and this is coming from someone who has had numerous crossbows that cost up to 700 dollars . Bought this on a whim . And I'm very im pressed with it . Highly recommend it .